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Polar bears past bedtime
Author Notes
Mary Pope Osborne was born in Fort Sill, Oklahoma on May 20, 1949. She grew up in a military family, and by the time she was 15 she had lived in Oklahoma, Austria, Florida, and four different army posts in Virginia and North Carolina. She attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she majored in religion. After graduation, she traveled around Europe and Asia. Before becoming an author, she worked as a window dresser, a medical assistant, a Russian travel consultant, a waitress, an acting teacher, a bartender, and an assistant editor for a children's magazine.

Her first book, Run, Run as Fast as You Can, was published in 1982. She is the author of the Magic Tree House series and the Merlin Missions series. Her husband, actor Will Osborne, helps her write the nonfiction companion series, Magic Tree House Research Guides. Her other books include The Deadly Power of Medusa, Jason and the Argonauts, Haunted Waters, and Moonhorse.

(Bowker Author Biography)

Fiction/Biography Profile
Jack (Boy), Student, Annie's brother; discovers a tree house with magical books; travels to the North Pole to meet an Inuit
Annie (Girl), Student, Jack's sister; discovers a tree house with magical books; travels to the North Pole to meet an Inuit
Brothers and sisters
Polar bears
Inuit culture
Frog Creek, Pennsylvania - Mid-Atlantic States (U.S.)
Pennsylvania - Mid-Atlantic States (U.S.)
North Pole -
Time Period
1990s -- 20th century
Large Cover Image
The Magic Tree House transports Jack and Annie to the freezing Arctic where they must solve Morgan le Fay's final riddle in order to become master librarians. But it's not going to be easy--especially when they have cracking ice, a seal hunter, and a prodigious polar bear to deal with
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